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Dressing for Success: Make Victorian Fashion Work For You

Oct 06, 2011 @ 12:00 am by admin

You do not have to be a Gothic fashionista to embrace the current trends in Victorian fashions. This season, the Victorian look expressed in lace and sheer fabrics, richly embroidered brocades and tapestries, as well as the king of all fabrics, velvet can be softened for daytime looks and even the workplace. It simply takes one idea to make it all come together and that is understatement.

Understatement is the concept of putting on all that one has expressed in one important piece of clothing.You can find a quick rundown here The heavy embroidered brocade jacket can be well combined with a business skirt and a cameo to create a good daytime power look. A lace blouse with leg-o-mutton sleeves can be made effective with a business suit, and then can go to an evening look with a skirt and a quick change of accessories. The Victorian look is steeped in subtlety and so the black and navy are basic colors to the business wardrobe as are the cream, beige, and soft red neutrals. In other words, Victorian works, and is perfectly acceptable for daytime workplace looks.

Consider quality when buying the new styled Victorian fashions. Some of the better quality selections may just be found in the consignment shops, and upscale thrift stores.

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