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Victorian Era Fashion Seen in Mainstream Fashion

Oct 03, 2011 @ 12:00 am by admin

Fashion trends always seem to come around full circle, and even trends from over 100 years ago still pop up in mainstream fashion. High collars, figure flattering lines, shoulder puffs, ruching and ruffles all originate from the Victorian Era of fashion, and are seen in so many trendy collections and department stores. It is easy to see why these accents have returned from so long ago, but with a new modern twist. Victorian women used clothing to accent desirable attributes without being bare skinned. Fashion has evolved to teach women of today that looking sexy and desirable can mean figure flattering lines that will show case the shape and figure of your body without baring it all. Clothing that has ruching and fabric gathering are direct derivatives from the Victorian fashion of the past. In addition, puffed shoulders and sleeves are continually flattering to most body types. Corsets are one of the most recognizable Victorian Era garment, but today’s designers have reworked the corset to soften the look and make it more wearable for everyday use, not just as an undergarment meant for creating a desirable waistline. Easily traced back to the Victorian Era, fashion trends of today modernized the era of etiquette and elegance, with flattering lines and figure friendly design.The information party rocks on: Fashion Plate: 1839, Bishop Sleeves

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